Wimbledon Semi-Finals Preview

July 12, 2018 4484 By menstennisnews

It’s semi-finals day at Wimbledon, and we have two very different matches to look forward to. The showpiece match of the day should be a classic, between incredible champions Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal. Despite this match making most of the headlines, the first semi final should also be payed attention to, purely for the serving masterclass it will offer. Here is the breakdown of the two semi-finals

Isner vs Anderson

On paper, this match does not look like the most interesting. Both players, at over 2 metres tall, are two of the biggest servers on tour, and this is unlikely to lead to too many rallies. However, for fans of tight matches, decided by a couple of points, this one should be enjoyable. The pair are likely to be involved in a few tiebreaks tomorrow, which should lead to some tense and exciting moments.

So how is the favourite in this one? Anderson of course is coming off one of the biggest wins of his career, coming back form two sets down to take out top seed roger Federer 13-11 in the fifth set.  The confidence he will have from this win will be immense and should help him in this match.

Meanwhile, John Isner has been a revelation in this tournament. Never making it past the 3rd round prior to this tournament, the big American has played excellent tennis to make it this far, beating promising Greek youngster Tsistipas and fellow big server Milos Raonic to make it this far. Isner seems to be a great place mentally right now. Added to the fact that Anderson is coming off such a stunning win, and may be fatigued, more mentally than physically, isner will have the better chance to make it to his first grand slam final.

Prediction- Isner wins in 4 sets

Nadal vs Djokovic

The blockbuster match of the day, and tournament so far, this match pits so of the best tennis players ever against one another.  This particular rivalry has the most chapters to it of any rivalry in the open era, at 5 matches. Amazingly, there is only one in it, with Djokovic leading 26-25. In Grand Slams, Nadal might lead 8-4, but they’re even in their last 8. At Wimbledon, both players have one win. This rivalry could not be any closer. We are set for a stunning match.

What is particularly exciting about this one is the uncertainty that surrounds it. We do not know how well Djokovic will play against a top player as he returns to his best. Nadal’s results at Wimbledon over the last 5 years lead us to question his ability on the grass courts. We do not even know how normal tactics between the two will play out on this surface; the two have not played on grass since Djokovic won in the Wimbledon final in 2011.

Perhaps, for Djokovic, a match against a player of the calibre of Nadal has come too early in his ‘comeback’. Although over in this grass court season, and the end of the clay court season, Djokovic has had a significant improvement in his play, he has often looked unsure, and hesitant, in the biggest and most tense moments. Against Nadal, a player who will play every point like it is his last, this will cause problems for the Serb.

A couple of years back, Djokovic had at huge mental advantage in this rivalry. From 2015-16, the Serb won 7 in a row against Nadal. Since then Nadal has broken free of this, winning the last two. He should be confident going into this match that he has the ability to beat the Serb.  Nadal has been extremely confident over the last few months, for good reason. It Is unlikely he will lose this confidence going into the semi-final. On the contrary, Nadal will be more fired up than normal for this one

Prediction- Nadal wins in 4 sets